štvrtok 25. marca 2010

According to "Welt der Wunder" CO2 is a "death gas"

It was anticipated, the NWO had to start a counteroffensive because Climategate and German media have now taken part willingly to get the CO2 lie upright.

  Thus, the magazine "Welt der Wunder" spent a full 14 pages for hammer to the readers: "CO2 will soon kill millions of people." And on the front page the question is asked: "Can we catch the death gas again?"

  Why the death gas will kill millions of people, they demonstrate not.

Can people this agitation, panic and even falsity surpass?

  I have picked out some of the headlines and phrases from the article, which represent one of the worst propaganda:

- Climate poison CO2
- CO2, a molecule can destroy the earth?
- CO2 is about to kill millions of people
- Bring the climate out of time and poison the oceans
- The oceans are fighting (against the CO2)
- The collapse threatens long
- Now start the science of hunting, the molecule of ruin
- The invisible killer
- If we soon run out of air?
- Expulsion from Paradise (because of the alleged increase in sea level)
- The characteristics of a killer: how toxic is CO2 really?
- From the summit of Everest to the depths of the oceans - all unfolds his uncanny power CO2
- And we have unleashed this demon at all until
- What is this gas danger our civilization?
- The effect is enormous. It will change the whole earth
- In a globalized world, we are all suffering from climate chaos
- Can carbon dioxide extinguish an entire people?
- The destructive gas
- Living in the black hell
- Where has given up the nature of the struggle for survival already
- Will the steaks take us the air?
- The CO2 now calls his first victims in the sea
- It ccertainly will not be a walk, more obviously a race to the death

  The proponents of the climate warming cult must be powerful in panic when they have to resort to the methods of Nazi propaganda.  Goebbels would be proud of them.  Their demagoguery is bottom drawer.

  Here is a list of allegations do not agree:

 1st. It is claimed, CO2 gas would be a death.  Oh yeah?  We breathe it out but.

 2nd. It is claimed, CO2 is by far the most dangerous gas in the world. Completely absurd.  Then yes, the military would have to use it as a weapon.  They use it to delete more than fire.  Also, if you in a bar the next time a drink is mixed, who know so beautiful bubbles and smokes, then it, it is a toxic cocktail that do that is pure frozen CO2 (dry ice) for the effect.

  3rd  It is alleged that the number of molecules (CO2 in the air) would be alarmingly high, but immediately contradicts itself in which it is said, the proportion was only 0.039 percent.

  4th  It is claimed that the CO2 level was 0.039 percent.  The truth is 0.0387 percent. It is not mentioned, the measurement at Mauna Loa, a volcano in Hawaii.  Because we can measure just as good also on the exhaust of a car. This, however, of which 95 percent come from nature and only 5 percent of people who conceal the items.

  5th  It is claimed that the ozone layer than CO2 would shield the Earth at risk.  In fact, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) cause.

   6th It is claimed, CO2 particles store heat solar heat on the climate and produce the greenhouse effect.  First, CO2 molecules are not "particles", because such are described as small solid state, such as the solid components of aerosols, suspensions or powders. Then, the proportion of CO2 in the stratosphere, where it is supposed to be so harmful, only 0.001 percent, as CO2 is 1.5 times heavier than air and is staying near the ground. Third, the so-called greenhouse effect of CO2 on very little involved, because water vapor is about 70 percent, the biggest cause and together with the clouds as much as 85 percent.  Then there are 17 other gases are considered as such.

  7th  It is claimed that CO2 has always been part of our atmosphere, but only in small quantities and it is hinted at 0.039 percent would be very high.  In fact, we live in a CO2 geological seen poor time, because in the last 600 million years ago, the CO2 level up to 18 times higher and there were ice ages there was CO2 12 times higher than today. The effect of CO2 is no big temperature increase, but conversely, if the temperature rises through the solar activity increases the CO2 with a time delay of 800 years.

   8th It is claimed that the CO2 does not collect on the ground. Tell that time a fireman or the mountain people, who know that in wells collects CO2.

   9th  It is alleged that the Maldives will become submerged.  The fact is, the sea level has settled.  The President makes only one to panic, because he overpopulation to the mainland and get rid of money from industrialized nations will.
  10th  It is alleged that the polar bears and seals are dying.  It has increased fivefold since 1950, the polar bear population and they are doing splendidly.

  11th It is claimed that the Inuit Schmitz, the ice under the feet away.  In reality, the ice of the North Pole in 2009 compared to 2007 grew by 30 percent and in the normal range.

   12th  It is claimed that the CO2 would poison the oceans and dissolve coral and shells.
 In fact, it is the largest reef in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, the best and the ocean temperatures have not increased there.

  13th  It is claimed that trees would be composed by the high CO2 emissions.  Every botanist and gardener knows, however, plants and trees grow better and better, the higher the CO2 concentration.

  14th . It is claimed that forests are not the optimal CO2 storage. These studies show not only the young forest is growing, but even old forest takes tons of CO2, store it as wood and gives off oxygen.
  15th  It is alleged that the Nenets in Russia could bring the reindeer herds not because of the thawed soil in the winter. In fact, Russia experienced the most severe early winter at all.

  16th  It is claimed that threatens CO2 mountaineers and farmers in Nepal, because of melting glaciers, avalanches and rock falls.  The reason for the melting of glaciers is not the CO2, but the fine dust and soot of the bears on the ice and a black layer forms, which absorbs the heat energy.

  17th It is claimed that CO2 is lethal at a concentration of 8 percent within minutes.  To achieve this, the proportion in the atmosphere would increase at the 200-fold.That means we can keep the output rate of 2 ppm per year allegedly for the next 40,000 years to get to the "lethal" concentration.

  18th  It is claimed that the CO2 would result in more energy for extreme weather and hurricanes. In fact, in 2009 the quietest year ever in terms hurricanes and storms.

  19th  It is alleged that because of the increase in the proportion of CO2 in the air by industrialization, the average temperature has risen global strong and will rapidly increase.  In fact, the increase is minimal body, only 0.5 degrees in the last 100 years, which is within the normal fluctuation, and for 10 years takes place no change.  The trend is more of a slowdown.

  20th It is claimed that an increase in temperature of 2 degrees or more and a warm climate would be a disaster for humanity.  A completely false statement and an error.  If you look at the history of the last 3,000 years looks at, then there was always first, alternating hot and cold period, so a normal climate change and is controlled by the sun. Second, the warm periods were Immm a cultural flowering, it was the people well and they benefited from a warm climate.  Just cold periods were bad, there was famine, mass extinctions and the civilization declined.

The worst thing we can is not a climate warming, but a Klimabkühlung, that would really be a disaster, such as human history shows!

Then environmental damage are listed, with the CO2 that have nothing to do, such as:

  1st  Sulfur dioxide and metal particulates from the copper processing plants in Russia.

  2nd Slash and burn for meat production.  Who authorized this and who is running the factory farming?  It is the governments and agricultural groups.

  3rd  Ruminant free in their digestion, the greenhouse gas methane.  Aha, so there are still other "climate killer" out of CO2.

  4th  Forests are cut down in Canada because of the oil sands.  And? Who allows this and runs it?  The Canadian government and the oil companies, not us.

  The article in "World of Wonders" is a terrible tirades against the CO2 and supported by no evidence or facts. The text consists only of polemic, key words, far-fetched examples, and defamation.

  The best own contribution would reduce the CO2 it, if this lubrication sheet would cease to exist and no more wasted paper useless to spread their lies.  Many trees would therefore no longer be made. Let them go a good example if they think the CO2 would be a death gas.

My advice, buy this trash issue is not, otherwise you will support it yet.  It is enough if I had to make it as a template. I use it now to light my fireplace.

The military is the largest environmental criminal

No word is mentioned that the U.S. military is the largest single CO2 producer in the world and is specifically excluded from any climate agreement since Kyoto.  13 million liters of gasoline consumed, the U.S. war machine in Iraq and Afghanistan per day in 2007!  Today it is much more. The wars that the West is conducting all over the world to end, would most bring to the environment and save lives, because that really there is a destruction of our planet and a mass killing.

If CO2 is alleged as a cause of global warming and the U.S. military's largest producer of CO2, then, any climate debate that does not includes the U.S. military, a farce and just hot air.  But we hear anything about it?  If the IPCC, Greenpeace, WWF, Green or other so-called environmentalists and state leaders of the Western ever mentioned the war and the military because of the massive CO2 emissions and is required only for environmental reasons, one end of the war?  Certainly not.  In their eyes we are only guilty, must pay us, and will restrict. This shows what incredible hypocrites they are, and they pursue agenda.

I will not what the governments of the CO2 and global warming say seriously until they end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What is climate change really?

  Let me say what really changed the climate change always has and it always will.  It is the sun and its changing radiation of heat energy and comic particles.  The cosmic radiation and the solar wind controls the formation of clouds and determine how much heat reaches the earth, or reflected. The main factor for a so-called greenhouse effect is the water vapor and clouds in the atmosphere.  CO2 has only a minimal effect, if any.

Therefore, we can reduce CO2 as much as we want, it changes in the sun and their radiation at all.  The CO2 to make the people responsible for climate change, is the biggest mistake of the century and a lie. All measures are based on this lie, false and should not be accepted.

translated from german source :

streda 24. marca 2010

Peter Russel : The Global Brain

This audiovisual presentation inspired by the book The Global Brain stated the idea that the Earth is an integrated, self- regulating living organism. What is then the role for mankind, for this living planetary being? It is assumed that we are on the threshold of an important evolutionary jump, important for mankind and a nature of this jump is inner spiritual development.

Presentation is already over twenty years old but forever it is highly actual. This video is with English sound but there are  a Slovak captions. If you want to see it without captions you can find the original video here: http://www.peterrussell.com/GB/GBVide

The human heart can go the length of God,
Dark and cold we may be, but this is no winter now.
The frozen misery of centuries cracks, breaks, begins to move,
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring,
Thank God our time is now,
When wrong comes up to meet us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take,
the greatest stride of soul man ever took.
Affairs are now soul size,
The enterprise is exploration into God,
But where are you making for,
It takes so many thousand years to wake,
but will you wake, for pity's sake......